Darcy is my favourite Canadian. Well, she's actually American but that's my special name for her. We sit next to each other at work but that's all about to change...

Darcy married Aussie Brett a year ago in Sydney and she recently booked a Love Session with me to capture their ever-growing relationship and love for each other around their beach suburb of Coogee.

However, just a few days before the shoot, a surprise announcement meant that the shoot was about to become even more significant; Brett had accepted a job offer in New York.

So Darcy was not only going to be vacating the desk next to me but also leaving her beloved Coogee behind.

From my perspective it meant that the Love Session was going to have a double significance; their love for each other, and the love for their home. So we took a stroll along the beautiful coastline and finished up right on their doorstep.