The Craft: Countdown

It's official. In 69 days time I will leave the world of media to start my new life as a full time wedding photographer!

I've been planning for this moment since I photographed my first wedding just over a year ago and knew it was what I truly wanted to do. But it wasn't easy handing in my resignation. OMD took me in when I arrived fresh off the boat from London nearly six years ago and I've loved every minute working there. It really is like a family (albeit a rather large one at 250 people!) and I will miss them HEAPS!

At the start of 2011 they generously agreed to reduce my hours to 4 days a week so I could spend more time developing (haha) my photography business, and from that moment they knew it was just a matter of time until I hauled anchor. When I broke the news they weren't surprised; they were excited! And that really sums up what a great company OMD is.

But the countdown has begun and on 9th February 2012 I will say farewell to guaranteed income, paid leave, benefits and an unlimited supply of free cupcakes and magazines. Hmmm....I'll especially miss those last ones!

It's scary, exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time, just as it was preparing for my first skydive. But that led to a thrilling experience and I have every belief that the ride coming up will be even more exhilarating!

Stay tuned as I prepare for my most magnificent adventure!

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