Today was as remarkable as the man who will not see its end.

As status updates and tweets lit up iPhones, iPads and MacBooks worldwide announcing the passing of Steve Jobs, it was difficult to think of another person we've lost who has single-handedly impacted the way we live today in such a profound manner.

I'm not going to recite a timeline of Steve's amazing achievements; there are millions of fingers tapping on backlit keyboards doing that right now. But I did want to acknowledge the way he has inspired so many, including myself, to follow the Apple mantra and "think different".

When I moved to Australia in 2006 I needed to get a computer. In the UK I had a Dell desktop PC which served its purpose. But now I felt a new lease of life and wanted to try new things. I've always been one to judge a book by its cover (literally - just ask my university friends how few text books I bought) so naturally I was attracted to the sleek and sexy new MacBooks that were so associated with the creative industries. At that point I had no idea I would one day be a professional photographer but I figured a MacBook would at least give me a new perspective and get me thinking like a creative. Because you never know, right?

Since then I've admittedly become something of an Apple fanboy. Not because I love to salivate over the design of aluminium unibodies and edge-to-edge LED screens (ok, maybe a little bit), but because every product empowers me to do something new that I wouldn't have thought of otherwise. My iPhone keeps me organised and acts as a navigator to remote wedding locations four hours drive away while I listen to photography podcasts downloaded fom the iTunes store; my iPad is the perfect way to showcase my portfolio to clients; and my photo editing is via Apple's superb Aperture 3 software. And, to coin another Apple tagline, they just work.

As I settle into my new life as a wedding photographer I naturally associate Apple products with the term "best in class" and have not been disappointed. They help to streamline the workflow of a highly challenging and time consuming job and as such it's easy to assume that all photographers are with Apple. But every now and again I realise some use PCs and Windows; and I feel a little sad for them.

Of course I'm under no illusion that Steve designed every product himself, but they wouldn't exist without his vision, genius or self belief; qualities we can all aspire to.

Steve's health issues have been as famous as his products and his acceptance of mortality has also been truly inspirational. His carpe diem attitude and refusal to compromise are some of the reasons why myself and many others have turned away from life's status quo to pursue what we are truly passionate about.

There are many quotes from Jobs that deserve to be commited to memory and some can be heard in this video clip of Steve addressing Stanford University graduates. It's currently all over Facebook and Twitter and rightly so, because it's 15 minutes of inspiration and motivation that could change your life forever; so please watch.

And thank you Steve; for everything.